Best Solution for Your Bulk Mailing 

A complete email marketing service includes a feature rich frontend and arrays of built-in smtp servers to deliver mails to Target List. easy to use and user friendly interface.


Focus On Your Work

We solve all the technical problem, you can focus on your mailing. Good for Blooger, Affiliate Marketing, Agency with High Deliverability
  • Manage Multiple List and Add Unlimited Contact

    Manage your multiple Mail Lists with only one account registered, allowed to send from all domain you had. Import from txt,csv and sql file.

  • Campaign and Autoreposnder with Live Detail Report.

    Get Live Report for your campaign or autoresponder. Open Tracking, Link Tracking, Bounce. Delivery Status.

  • Best Way to Clean you List

    There is only One Way to Clean your List. Send Mails to you list, easy right ?. We have 300M suppresion list, spam trap, honey pots, unactive Email and the data grow everyday. It will clean your list automaticaly when your import your List, and if you send the Mails. It will perfectly clean the list. Thats why our suppression list grow every day. Because our customer send Emails every day, if there is unactive email detected. we save to our server.

Taktido Features

Full Features in Mail Sender App

Responsive Design

You can view,mana From you Desktop & Smartphone Browser. Anywhere & Anytime

Unlimited List & Contact

You can import as many as you want. Split it to different List. Send from any email you had.

Build Beautiful Email

You can upload your template, Design it or Use Preused template that we provide.

Forget Technical Matter

Focus on your work as Marketer. We do the other thing. Rotating The Server, Change the IPs, Rotating The IPs, Manage Sending Speed, Etc


See the Price Plans, you will see how cheap our service is.

24/7 Chat Support

Support that can help you to solve all of your problem.


Choose by Your Needs
Unlimited List
Unlimited Contact
80.000 Email Sending Quota
Unlimited List
Unlimited Contact
260.000 Email Sending Quota
Unlimited List
Unlimited Contact
500.000 Email Sending Quota
Unlimited List
Unlimited Contact
1.500.000 Email Sending Quota